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We specialize in service and sales of the most popular Dual Turntables - those manufactured from 1965 to 1980.

Unlike others who do some of this and some of that, repairing these Duals is ALL we do at FixMyDual.com. We also have one of the largest parts inventories for these turntables. If your Dual needs a specific part to get it going again, chances are that we will have it!

Specific Duals that we work on:

Idler Wheel Drive Units:
1009, 1015, 1019
1209, 1214, 1215-S, 1216, 1218, 1219, 1225, 1226, 1228, 1229, 1229Q

Belt Drive Units:
503, 505, 601
1237, 1241, 1242, 1245, 1249, 1264

Direct Drive Units:
627, 701, 704, 714Q, 721

   PLEASE NOTE!!!      Our Duals appear in the Big and Little Screens 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Update: I would like to thank my clients for their concerns and well wishes during my medical situation this past year. I appreciate your patience and understanding while I was under medical care. Currently repair and service of Dual Turntables are running between four to six weeks as we work thru the back log. We are again accepting turntables for repair and service. Additionally we have used Dual Turntables available for sale.

Thank You for trusting us for your Dual Turntable needs.

In the upcoming HBO mini-series "Vinyl", two Dual 1219 turntables will be used.  The 1219's were set up with the correct period cartridge and stylus for the 1972 timeframe.  We understand that the Duals will be featured in Episodes #8 and #9, due to be aired late February and early March of 2016.


But this is not the first time that a FixMyDual turntable has appeared in the movies.  A few years back another turntable appeared in the 2007 Hollywood movie; American Gangster.   

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Bench Rates:

A standard rebuild is $150.00.  This includes standard service parts.  Replacement Parts are additional, and freight charges are at the owners expense.


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Units And Accessories For Sale

We maintain a very good inventory of fully serviced Duals - ready to go.  All will be very good to excellent in their appearance, unless stated differently.  Pictures of the actual units for sale are always available upon request. Nice wood bases are always included, unless stated, and we always have a good selection of cartridges.

We always have in stock:

1019, 1209, 1214, 1215-S, 1216, 1218, 1219, 1225, 1226, 1228, 1229, 1229Q, 1249.

We usually have in stock the 601 and 701. Please e-mail us with your specific requests.  We do take trade ins.





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A FixMyDual Exclusive - A finely crafted hardwood Walnut Base for your Dual.  Solid wood construction (no pressed fiber board or filler) with sturdy masonite deck for your turntable.  Sleek design inspired by the original. (Specify Model for correct fit)
$95.00 plus S & H

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This 45 rpm stacker is a Dual original.  For the Dual collector, this is a must.  Brand NEW in the BOX!  (Fits 1200 series)
Contact Us for Pricing and Availability!

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Replace that 33.33 rpm stacker with this Single Play Spindle.  Perfect for the Audio purest who wants to protect those precious albums.  Brand NEW in the BOX!  (Fits 1200 series)
Contact Us for Pricing and Availability!



Contact Us:

Info@FixMyDual.com Click Here To Contact Us


Telephone: 515-240-4660


We have always felt that these specific Duals were some of the finest tables ever offered by any manufacturer. With proper service, they will keep spinning for many more years. Be assured that we will treat your Dual as if it were our own.  After servicing, we play it for a few days to make sure that all is operating in a "like new" condition.

Thank you for visiting FixMyDual.com

Usually there is a selected - refurbished DUAL turntable on e-Bay at open auction. 
Check out our BOHHEY auctions for the latest.

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