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When you send you Dual to us for service, this is what we do (what follows
is the description for the large chassis Duals - 1219, 1229, 1229Q):

The main failures on the 1229 are as follows:

(1) The tone arm clutch pad (part. # 223777) deteriorates, impairing tone arm lateral motion during cycling - replace.
(2) The single-multi tone arm height adjustment switch uses a rubber retainer for positive switching - this deteriorates causing the tone arm to bind laterally - replace.
(3) The speed selector assembly gets sticky, causing the idler wheel to have difficulty engaging the motor pulley - clean.
(4) Contacts and lead wires in head-shell and cartridge carrier oxidize, causing signal loss and/or hum - clean.
(5) The start/stop levers get sticky, causing unresponsiveness, or often the levers will stick in start position - clean.
(6) The end-of-play trip pawl on the cycling cam becomes under-damped, causing the machine to "endlessly cycle" - adjust.
(7) The large metal lever that goes to the motor power switch at one end and to a latch near the arm at the other gets sticky, causing the machine to have difficulty either starting or stopping motor rotation - clean.
(8) The viscous damping on the cuing fails, causing the arm to drop like a rock - re-pack with the proper silicone paste.
(9) Motor bearings squeak - open up the motor and oil both top and bottom bearings with a high speed turbine oil.
(10) Dress the edge of the idler wheel to expose new rubber for positive contact.
(11) General cleaning of the machine.


What we don't want to have shipped to us: Base
Counterbalance and shaft
  ***This keeps the weight down for reduced shipping costs. If you need assistance with any of this disassembly, we are glad to help.

The cost for this service is $175.00, plus freight. Turnaround time is usually less than one week. All service parts are in stock to complete the above repairs. Should we encounter additional problems that the above service procedures won't fix (say a broken lever), We will quote that cost to you and wait for your authorization before we begin. In the RARE instance that your Dual can't be fixed, we charge a $50.00 diagnostic charge, plus return freight.



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